Handling It

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Handling It

It’s not a difficult task, but it fell off the priority list for a couple weeks, that is, until the make-shift-tape-handles began to give way, blocking access to temporary snack & cereal cache.

I rounded up the cadre of tools and set about installing the cabinet handles/drawer pulls for the laundry cabinets. It’s a good idea to square up the position of your cabinet doors before you begin installing handles, especially when cabinets are tall or stacked and the handles need to line up.


Our handles fit over the top of the door or drawer front, and attach to the back of the cabinet with 2 screws. I added a small piece of 5lbs mounting tape to the underside of the drawer pulls for extra strength.

Measure & Slightly Pencil Mark: Center for drawers, inset for cabinet doors.
Align the handle to the Mark

Poke the absolute center of the hole for each screw with a sharp point. This ensures the bit will drill in the center of the hole.

Marking the center of the hole with a sharp object for precision

Marking the center of the hole with a sharp object for precision

Drill just a little to remove excess material. (A piece of tape on your drill bit can keep you from going too deep…i.e. through the door.)

Pre-Drill Just a Bit

(Put a dab of glue on the screws if you like.)

Secure screws.

Ta Da! ┬áBack to snacking…